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Payment and delivery

Learn about all possible payment and shipping options to choose the most convenient for you
Free shipping

Buying an item worth over 2000 UAH saves on shipping. You only pay for the goods, and we will incur the cost of transporting them.

How to place an order?

So, you liked the product and you decided to buy it. To get started, click the Add to Cart button next to the item you selected. Afterwards, you can just as easily continue browsing our site pages by filling your cart with new items.

To place an order, go to the cart. You can make a purchase without logging into your account. But loyalty program discounts are only available to authorized users, so if you are on the loyalty program users list, you need to sign up or sign in with your Account page before making a purchase.

Payment methods
UkrPostal: on receipt

The store customer pays the cost of goods and the cost of delivery at the UkrPost office upon receipt.

New Mail: On Receipt

The store customer pays the cost of the goods and the shipping cost at the New Post office upon receipt.

Payment via Privat-24 Payment System

Visa and MasterCard cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro), issued by Ukrainian and foreign banks, are accepted for payment.

You can pay for your order on any device that has Internet access. You will be redirected to the Privat24 site. After authorization, you only need to confirm the payment. Transfer will take 2-3 banking days.

LiqPay Payment Service

The user is required to register at You will need a Visa and MasterCard payment card and mobile phone to sign up for and use the system.

You can transfer funds both to your online payment card and directly to by using your mobile phone number as your invoice (you will receive the details in an email confirming the order status).

Transfer from own account to LiqPay account - up to 1 minute (fee - 0 UAH)

Transfer to PrivatBank card is 1 banking day (commission - $ 0,5 + 0,5%)

Transfers to other banks' Visa and MasterCard cards - up to 6 banking days ($ 1.95 + 1%)

Delivery methods
Delivery in Ukraine by UkrPost

The maximum delivery time is 5 days after payment is received. The parcel arrives at your post office, as the employee of UkrPoshta informs you. You will need to appear in the office with the notification and the identity document received.

Delivery cost is 13 UAH / 0.2 kg.

Shipping to Other Countries by Mail

The item will be delivered in 5-14 days after payment is received.

Delivery price is from 90UAH/0,5kg.

Delivery by Ukraine by Nova Poshta

Delivery time is 2-3 days after payment is received. When sending a return delivery order, we will pay an additional amount of "Cash on delivery" of 2% of the order price. You will be informed about the receipt of the item by SMS.

You will need to provide a number and passport to the company office. If the parcel is made out to a legal entity, the letter of attorney from the client company is in a random form with a wet seal.

Delivery price to the office - from 25UAH/0,5kg Address delivery delivery - from 40UAH/0,5kg

Courier Delivery in Ukraine

Delivery time is 1-2 days after payment is received. Delivery takes place on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm - exact time is agreed with the courier by phone. To receive an order, it is enough for an individual to sign in a courier invoice. The legal entity requires a seal. In the absence of such information, the courier copies the number and series of the passport or other document confirming the identity of the buyer.

If the courier arrived and you were absent, you can arrange for reshipment or pick up your purchase at the UkrPost office. To do this, first find out the product barcode from our managers and the UkrPost courier phone in your city.

Delivery price is from 30 UAH/0,5 kg.

 Worldwide Shipping

Delivery time is up to 14 days. Delivery takes place in more than 190 countries through the EMS courier service. According to the current legislation on currency regulation, the service is paid in the national currency of Ukraine based on the exchange rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine to the US dollar at the time of providing the service.

Today, this method of international delivery is the best value for money. Delivery is made during business hours. The courier pre-contacts the customer and agrees the details. There are two delivery attempts. If for some reason both are unsuccessful, the client is notified where he can pick up the parcel. Upon receipt, you must present an ID document.

Delivery price is from $ 38 / 0.5kg (+ $ 4-5 for each additional kilogram) + value added tax.