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Payment and delivery

Free shipping

Making the purchase for more than 1000 uah you save on delivery. Pay only for good and we’ll pay for its transportation.

How to make the order

So you decide to buy the goods in our shop. To do it you should click the button “Add to the market” near selected good. After it you can continue to look through the pages of our site replenishing  “market” with new goods.

To accomplish the order enter the “market”. The program requires your registration. We need your data to deliver the order.

After filling of the form we’ll send to your e-mail the login and the password to closed pages of the site. Your data can be deleted from our base. You should write us the letter with the remark “Removal of Registration Information” and mention your surname and e-mail address in it.

Then you should make payment for the goods. There are several methods to do it.

Ways of Payment

1. Postal transfer in Ukraine

Sender comes to the nearest department of “UkrPoshta”, fills the blank and makes the transfer. After it he informs the internet-shop.

The term of transaction is 3 hours.

Commission is paid by the sender and is about 5-6% of the sum.   

2. Bank transfer in Ukraine

You should present a check (for individuals) or invoice (for legal entities) in bank department. Necessary documents you’ll get by e-mail with the confirming letter.

The commission is defined by financial policy of your bank.

3. Money transfer by International payment services:

  • Western Union in  Ukraine
  • Privat Money.  (you should make the transfer in one of the departments of “PrivatBank”).

The sender fills the blank and pays for the service of transfer of money. The transfer is registered in global electronic system. Operator tells the number of the order to the client and the client tells it to internet-shop by e-mail.

The term of transaction on the territory of Ukraine is less than 1 hour.

4. Transfer by system of payments Privat24

The system works with electronic cards Visa and MasterCard (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro) released by Ukrainian and foreign banks.  

You can make the payment using any device connected to Internet. You’ll be sent to the site of the system Privat24. After authorization you need to confirm your payment.

The term of transaction is 2-3 working days.

5. Service of payments LiqPay

The user needs to register at the site and also to have electronic cart and mobile phone. You can transfer money both to the electronic card of Internet-shop and to its account in liqpay (the number of account is the number of mobile phone). You’ll get all the necessary data in our confirming letter.

The term of transaction between two liqpay accounts is less than 1 minute (without commission)

The term of transaction to the card of PrivatBank is 1 working day (commission is 0,5$ + 0,5%)

The term of transaction to the cards Visa and MasterCards of other banks is less than 6 working days (commission is 1,95$ + 1%).

Ways of delivery

The goods can be delivered by one of the following ways:

1. Delivery in Ukraine by “UkrPoshta”:

Maximum term of delivery is 5 days since the moment of receiving of the payment. Parcel comes to the post department. You receive the notification of “UkrPoshta”. You need to come to the department with the notification and the document which identifies your personality.

The price of delivery is 12 uah/0,2kilos.

2. Delivery to other countries by post.

The goods will have been delivered in 5-14 days since the moment of getting money.

The price of delivery starts from 60uah/0,5kilos.

3. Delivery in Ukraine by company “Nova Poshta”

The term of delivery is 2-3 days since the moment of receiving of the payment. You’ll be informed by SMS about it. Both there will be number of your order in SMS. In the department of the company you’ll need to tell this number and to present your passport. If the parcel is ordered bylegal entity you need to present the document of the company with stamp which proves that you have rights for the parcel.

The price of delivery starts from 20uah/0,5kilos.

4. Courier delivery in Ukraine

The term of delivery is 1-2 days since the moment of receiving of the payment. The goods are delivered in working days since 10 till 17. The precise time is agreed with courier by phone. Individuals should sign the invoice to receive goods. Legal entities need to put the stamp. If you have no stamp the courier will fix the number and the series of your passport or other document which identifies your personality.
If you were absent when the courier came you can arrange the date and time of second delivery or take your parcel at the office of “UkrPoshta”. For it you ask our managers about bar code of the goods and find out the phone number of courier service of “UkrPoshta” in your city.

The price of delivery starts from 30uah/0,5kilos.

5. International courier service EMS

The term of delivery is less than 14 days.

The delivery service is available in more than 190 countries of the world.  According to Ukrainian legislation on currency regulation the receiver pays for the service in national currency of Ukraine. Course of exchange is defined course of National Bank if Ukraine.
Today the courier service EMS is the optimal combination of price and quality.

Goods are delivered in working days. The precise time is agreed with courier by phone. There are two attempts of delivery. If both of them are unsuccessful the client gets the notification with the address of the department where he can get the parcel. The receiver needs to present the document which identifies the personality.

The price of delivery starts from 38$ for 0,5 kilos (+4-5$ for every next kilo) +  value-added tax.