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How to take care about swimming suits

Almost everyone is sure that swimming suits can be used maximum for two seasons. The sun, sea salt and chlorine from swimming pool make the colors washy and the make the swimming suit not elastic.  But with the right care your swimming suit can be ideal for years.

Modern beaches are equipped by showers. Use it after each swim or at least several times a day. In this way you take care not only about your skin and care but also about your swimming suit washing away sea salt.

Even if you didn’t swim and only sunbathe at the seashore, you should wash your swimming suit after beach. Sweat can be harmful for delicate textile.
If being at home you don’t have to wash your swimming suit you should remove it from your bag and stretch at white sheet. In that way harmful substances will be less aggressive.

For washing use only detergents for delicate textile and it’s better to use liquids. Ideal variant for your swimming suit is hand wash. And it’s necessary to dissolve detergent in water before putting your swimming suit there.  The temperature of water should be not more than 30°С. And it’s recommended not to use conditioner.

Dry your cloth at the shoulder at the place protected from direct sunlight. It’s actual both for colored and white suits cause white clothes being too long at the sunlight can become yellowish.

One more danger is hot batteries.  Hot and dry air has makes the swimming suit less elastic.

Your swimming suit needs 24 hours to renew its form. So you need at least two swimming suits for change. At first it helps to preserve excellent quality of suit as long as possible. And at second it’s very pleasant to experiment with images during your vacation. Especially if your images are created with the help of elegant fashionable swimming suits from “AJOUR”.