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How to look after lingerie

Due to right care your lingerie will be in ideal condition within months and even years.

Easy rules help bra to hold your bust and preserve its color and lace to be openwork.    

It’s better to store lingerie in special boxes. In this way you’ll protect delicate clothes from dust and possible deformation. To find the bust you shouldn’t rummage shelf.  Each thing will be on view.

Especial attention should be paid to the washing. Use only special powder for delicate textile and not more than it’s specified in manual. Regime for delicate or hand wash provides gentle treatment to the lingerie but it’s better to use special bags for washing of lingerie. They protect bras from deformation and also help your washing machine to avoid injuries for example from underwire in bra.

If you prefer colorful lingerie, use wipes for washing of colorful clothes. Just place them inside your washing machine and wipes absorb parts of dust and dye. In this way you protect your lingerie from painting in outsides tones.

And there is one more thing. Don’t turn molded bra inside out because otherwise there is a risk to deform the cups.

It’s necessary to dry the lingerie carefully keeping it far away from batteries and direct sunlight.

Easy secrets will help always to feel yourself a queen in your favorite lingerie.